high-fashion knitwear production

research & development

The programming center


The cornerstone of our company is our research and development center, dedicated to designing and producing individual garment pieces as well as complete garments.

The utilization of cutting-edge technologies and a high-caliber team has enabled Anghiari Texil Group to establish collaborations with the most prestigious brands in the industry.

Anghiari Texil Group boasts 8 Shima Seiki SDS ONE APEX4 computers and 8 qualified programmers capable of transforming a simple sketch into a masterpiece—specifically, in the realm of knitwear.

Anghiari Texil Group is equipped with an advanced security system designed to ensure the confidentiality and safeguarding of the company’s IT system, as well as the data contained or exchanged on the network. Special attention is given to protecting the company from unauthorized access.